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Welcome to FolioGraphic

FolioGraphic is a graphic design studio that designs and develops websites and iOS apps.

We are based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario in Canada. We do website and iOS app development work on local and global projects of all sizes and types.

Our new website is being redesigned and is only done the first stage. Weekly updates are being made over the coming weeks but we won't keep you waiting! You can find information about designs, website design and iOS app development done by FolioGraphic in the Apps and Design sections of this website. Articles for website designers and iOS app developers are also posted in the design section regularly. Everything from changes in modern website developing to learning how things work in iOS app development are covered from the perspective of a graphic designer. Sorry, there may be more than one or two rants in the design section articles.

If you have questions or would like a quote on a website design, please use the form at the bottom of the page and send us a message. We look forward to discussing your website design needs.

Customer Support Contact information for iOS apps is presented via a form in the detailed app information page for each app. Go to the Apps section of this website, select the app in question from the listed apps on the right of that webpage and follow the link to read more / details. You will find the form at the bottom of the main app summary.

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2014-03-17 Tap / Click to view article

NTree Calculator iOS App

NTree Calculator iOS App apps Article Image

This FREE iOS 7 list calculator or "tape calculator" adds features like variable values, editable entries, entry labels and a unique, branching, easy to navigate style of organizing your calculation entries so that you can use it like a list or even a spreadsheet!

2014-03-17 Tap / Click to view article

Regular Expression for converting website addresses to links

Regular Expression for converting website addresses to links design Article Image

I detest regular expressions. Not because I don't like what they do, but because of how difficult they are to compose and read. I recently went looking for a snippet of code to use in a PHP preg_replace that would replace text references to website addresses with a link to that website address. Firstly it wasn't the easiest search, and when I did find information I couldn't believe how many variations there were for this function. Lastly I was disappointed by most of the available snippets and was left to make my own regular expression after all.

2014-02-27 Tap / Click to view article New Website New Website website Article Image


This website design centred around a request for complete control of content. The CMS (Content management system) developed for this project was made so the client could add, edit and remove pages to the site without ever writing a piece of code. They can now add as many images and much text content to as many pages as they'd like.

2014-02-25 Tap / Click to view article

Website contact form spam control

Website contact form spam control design Article Image

Reducing the amount of spam from having contact information on your website is an important goal in website development. It's also important to make sure that you're not blocking real people from contacting you. I've encountered some spam blocking website forms that were so illegible that I couldn't decipher them, others that I had to refresh enough times that I didn't want to go on with my inquiry any more. If I'm lucky enough to find a code that I can actually read, I'm likely to make a typo and have to go through it all again! Worse yet! Some website developers don't take the time to make sure everything you've entered in the contact form will stay there after you've clicked to submit your information. What's the solution?

2014-02-13 Tap / Click to view article

Microdata in HTML5 Websites

Microdata in HTML5 Websites design Article Image

While working with Google and Bing developer tools, I came across a tool for markup validation. This "Structured" or "Microdata" markup didn't have anything to do with the HTML markup I expected it to, and I was interested to find out more. HTML 5 has had a good number of innovations that I've watched develop for years, but this one had escaped me until now. Would this new "markup" have an impact for my clients? After digging in and testing it out, I've come to a few conclusions.

2014-02-12 Tap / Click to view article

Comfortable Website Text Contrast

Comfortable Website Text Contrast design Article Image

Ever notice how some websites are easier to read than others? Graphic design principles like line spacing, letter spacing, colour scheme and more all have an impact on legibility and readability of a website. As a web and app programmer it can sometimes become more obvious than it is to others just how tired your eyes can get from reading text on a screen. Today I was playing with the contrast on the FolioGraphic website text to make it more comfortable to read my walls of text.

2014-02-12 Tap / Click to view article

SanDisk Extreme II SSD 100% Failures - UPDATED!

SanDisk Extreme II SSD 100% Failures - UPDATED! design Article Image

The SanDisk Extreme II 240GB SSD is among the worst products I've purchased in 2013 or 2014 so far. I've experienced a 100% failure rate with 4 separate drives in less than 3 months! That's not an exaggeration from frustration. I have gone through 2 of these SSDs that were purchased brand new and now the RMA warranty replacements have also failed. I would highly recommend against buying SanDisk SSDs after this experience.

2014-02-11 Tap / Click to view article New Website New Website website Article Image


FolioGraphic has not had a finished website since... Well, this is the first time FolioGraphic has had more than a placeholder website for itself! In all the years of working for others in graphic design, website development and now app development, we've finally made time for our own website and the first stage of the redesign is complete!