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Logo of FolioGraphic

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FolioGraphic - Design consultantcy in all its many applications.

We know design and its many applications. From print graphics to vector art, interior work space and living space layout, web sites, content management systems, formulation of skin care products and even databases... If it requires thoughtful design, that's what FolioGraphic is here for.

FolioGraphic also serves as an outlet for creative projects of many varying and seemingly unrelated types. Artwork, hand crafting, jewelry and product lines that include SLOB (Soaps, Lotions, Oils & Balms) and "The Strand" brand accessories.

Artistic and creative thinking and problem solving is frequently found after the fact and often referred to as hindsight, but it's not hindsight, it's the foresight of someone who wasn't consulted in the design process. If your project has an unadressed issue or concern, it's time to consult a designer. We see things in a different way and frequently identify areas of concern that no one realized existed before having an outside perspective. Solve problems and improve products and processes before they even exist or get more out of your efforts than you knew you could.

Please send all inquiries via the contact form while we continue to develop our online presence. We will get back to you in a timely fashion