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FG Environment Page

Do what you can

We all have an enviromental footprint. While we can't all buy solar arrays ar electric cars, we can all do something to improve our impact on our environment. This is the call to "Do what you can!"

  1. Our environment doesn't just refer to the forest off the highway or the lake we travel to for fishing and to swim in, it includes our backyard, the curb infront of our place of work and the roof over our heads no matter what type of home we have.
    • So when we say "Do what you can!" to improve your environment, it's more than volunteering to pick up garbage at the park, it's about making every inch of the space you are responsible for the best and most productive space it can be.
  2. Everything we put on the ground replaces an eco system that took billions of years to develop, so we have to take that into consideration in everything we do.
    • In every square inch of dirt there are millions of organisms that feed hundreds of microbes that in turn feed tens of bugs that it takes to feed one bird for one hour and on and on right up to you and I. When we get to systems like fish we are talking directly about our own food chain and not about feeding birds any more. So even if you don't care about birds and if they disappear entirely, you are eventually going to care about how that impacts the availability of your favourite foods.
  3. It's often the people who can least afford to do the right thing that want to and those who can afford to who care the least about doing them.
    • If we all were given the tools to make the choices we want based on what we want rather than what we can afford we'd be in a much better position.