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FG Humandiet Page

How to understand why a Ketogenic diet is the healthy human diet.

  1. Diet is defined as: "The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats."
    • So when we say diet we are talking about the kinds of food that a person should habitually eat not the other definition of "a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons." although this statement is 100% true of a keto diet it comes with an unwarranted negative connotation.
  2. Ketones in your system are an indicator that you are successfully adhering to the Ketogenic diet.
    • Keytones (detectible by simple urinalysis strips or peesticks) indicate that your body is currently using fat as it's fuel source rather than sugars.
  3. Insulin must be understood for what it actually is: Insulin is a fat locking hormone.
    • This means that when you have insulin in your system your body can not use fat because the insulin has locked it away for later use.
    • If you have trouble beleiving this fact, it is not debateable. It is proven by the uncontrollable weightloss a diabetic experiences when their body can no longer produce insulin to lock the fat away from being used. As soon as a diabetic starts taking insulin their body begins retaining fat and gaining weight back. This is a fact that can be easily observed by any diabetic. Just ask a diabetic... It's easy to find one; of the first 3 people you see, one of them is diabetic or in a state of prediabetes.
    • Insulin is not inherently a "good" thing to have in your system. Not any more than adreneline is good to have in your system. But it is needed to remove excess sugar from your system before it damages your body in many ways like inflamation and nerve damage just like adreneline has its purposes that can save your life when present at appropriate times.
    • So as soon as you trigger an insulin response in your system, you cannot effectively burn fat. Excersize? Not if you've just eaten an energy bar, your fat is locked.
    • When someone says insulin is a natural part of human chemestry produced by our bodies and can't hurt you, they simply don't understand it and are therefore a bad person to continue taking advice from. Adrenaline is also a natural part of human chemistry and produced by the body, but you would never pretend it's ok to constantly pump adrenaline through your system for your whole life and just crank up the dial if you feel like eating something sweet. The same is true with insulin. It is NEEDED to remove excess sugars from our system that should never be there in the amounts that a carb inclusive diet promotes. But the more you use it to remove sugar, the more damage is done due to inflamation.
  4. Back to diet definitions...
    • I go on to describe other diets as "carb inclusive" diets. By this description I mean any diet that specifically indicates that you need to add a carbohydrate to your diet rather than just including the carbohydrates that are already in your diet.

      So for example: The keto diet will allow you to eat steamed beans with butter. This clearly contains carbs but in small amounts. A "carb inclusive" is the type of diet that tells you to eat bread, cereal, oats, carrots, potatoes, fruits and other almost pure carb items to get a required amount of carbohydrates in contrast to a diet that simply accepts the carbs that naturally come along with the required nutrients already.

      So keto means, if it's good for fat or proteins but comes with small amounts of naturally occuring carbohydrates, you're usually ok. The "carb inclusive" diets are usually saying that you have to include foods because they have carbohydrates despite their lack of other essential nutrients, OR that the high carb items are needed because the diet has removed the fat and protiens that would normally provide the essential nutrients like in a vegan diet.
    • Often "carb inclusive" diets add "required" elements like (as an example) specific amounts of fibre. This requirement is also often misinterpretted as required by all people when in fact many of these requirements are BECAUSE of the specific diets other paramaters, such as requiring the addition of extra carbohydrates. It may be true that a high carb diet requires a lot of fibre to prevent other serious issues but it is not the same with a keto diet. So when someone says they can't get enough of their required fibre on the keto diet, they've been mislead into believing that the fibre requirment of a cows diet is essential even on a keto diet. (While I am not saying you don't need any fibre, I can assure you that the regularity benefit of fibre is not needed on a keto diet, that becomes obvious to anyone who actually achieves a state of ketosis. And if you're in ketosis, your body is using the cholesterol so you don't need the little artery scrubbers as much as you would when insulin has blocked fat use.)
  5. We're not saying carbohydrates are toxic.
    • Just like vitamin C however, there is a level of toxicity where a good thing becomes bad.
    • If you find this hard to believe, continue on to the next point and come back to this later. It's understandable that this could be recieved the same way as being told that drinking water will kill you. While there is a point at which drinking water will kill you, no one drinks that much water. In the case of carbohydrates, the vast majority of the population does consume well more than enough to cause life threatening conditions that all lead to illness and premature death.
    • The level at which consumption of carbohydrates becomes toxic is far lower than we've been led to believe and the negative effects can be seen soon after a small increase in regularly consumed carbohydrates. Most of these negative effects however have wrongly been blamed on other things and so are not creddited to carbohydrate consumption as they should be.
    • Fortunately our bodies were also designed (or evolved, which ever form of development you prefer) to handle toxic levels of carbohydrate consumption in many ways like with a hormone called insulin. It helps the body clear out the excess sugars created by toxic levels of carbohydrate consumption. When this defense from toxic carbohydrate consumption fails, it is called a disease. That disease is diabetes. Usually caused because the body (or perhaps the body of a parent, FAS has proven this to be a posibility that needs to be considered) has been fighting off the toxic amount of sugar for far longer than the pancreas was ever made to do. Much like the healing ability of a smokers lungs, eventually it's just too much.
  6. Inflamation is what causes heart disease, NOT fats like cholesterol.
    • The reasoning that cholesterol is bad for you due to heart disease is akin to saying that blood is bad for your because it's always the reason people die when they get shot or stabbed. Just because cholesterol is what clogs the arteries doesn't mean it's the CAUSE of the clog. For that, we now know inflamation is to blame. What causes the most inflamation? Sugar in our system is the worst cause of inflamation, and the many carbohydrate sources are the biggest producers of sugar in our system. Our body responds with insulin to use it all up and get rid of it but the inflamation is already happening (gunshot wound is already bleeding...).
  7. Doctors get their doctorate by demonstrating an extensive understanding of varying information that they are taught. Doctors are very smart based on their ability to remember things they learn, but at no point is their diagnostic ability to reason based on evidence a part of their required accreditation. So you can only trust a doctor as far as you can trust what they've been taught. In computer programming this is referred to as "Garbage in, garbage out".
    • You can't blame a doctor for not knowing any better because they're just doing what they've been taught to do.
    • A scientist however deserves full blame because it is their job to do exactly what we've described and discover the truth based on evidence rather than regurjitate dogmatic teachings. Worse yet, some of these scientists should be charged with fraud for rigging their tests and studies to get specific desired outcomes knowingly or hiding (simply by not publishing) the results of their studies because they didn't show what they wanted to find.
    • Sadly no one pays scientists to discover a truth that doesn't lead to massive profits so the very few who have discovered the truth about our diet have been quiet and unsupported by billion dollar companies and governments that depend on these billion dollar industries. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is another fact.
  8. People who say the keto diet didn't work for them didn't actually get on the keto diet. They flat out failed to remove the carbohydrates from their diet and are simply in denial about their addiction just like any other person who is addicted to a man made refined white powder. If they had actually achieved the removal of carbohydrates from their diet, there is nothing else their body can do except to consume their fat for energy.
    • In most cases this failure is due to a misunderstanding about how sugar gets into our system. If you stop drinking softdrinks and adding sugar to your foods you are reducing your sugar intake, but you're forgetting that our body turns ALL carbohydrates into sugar. Even a portion of our protein intake is turned into sugar by our body and the amount of sugar our body produces from protein and vegitable carbohydrates is what is considered a normal amount in our system. As soon as you add one slice of bread or a tortillia wrap, you're going over that normal amount and triggering an insulin response which locks your fat and starts inflamation.
    • This misunderstanding is what leads people to think keto didn't work for them because they ate lots of fat and cut out sugar and things got worse! Well YA! Of course it's gonna get worse if you increase your fat but keep locking your fat away with insulin! You have to stop producing insulin before you can increase fat! People fail because they don't know better and then that gives the diet a bad reputation. Don't let other peoples failures keep you from the truth. The peestick doesn't lie, if you're not consistantly producing keytones, you're not in ketosis and the only reason you're not getting into ketosis is because your body is still using sugar for fuel. I can say that 90% of people who said the keto diet didn't work for them didn't even know what a urinalysis stick was, and so they can't actually say the ever got into ketosis and therefore cannot confirm that they actually removed excess carbohydrates from their diet.
    • Although you can get into ketosis within 3 days a one or two week trial will never demonstrate the results of a keto diet. Think about how long it took to get fat or unhealthy. Getting out of that rut takes effort and willpower, something lacking in a lot of us and it's much easier to just say it doesn't work.
    • I know, becuase this was me...
  9. People who say your body or brain NEEDs carbohydrates so keto supporters are crazy! Or some version of that statement.
    • There is nothing... Not a single thing, that you need from carbohydrates that you don't already get plenty of on a ketogentic diet. Fats and leafy greens covers most of it. Inuit are a perfect example of an almost exclusively fat and meat diet with what were a healthy people until the introduction of carbohydrates that triggered insulin that locked the fat they need away from being used.
    • You DO get carbohydrates on a keto diet, just in a small amount that your body was designed to handle. And so if there were something your body desperately needed from grains? You get it from the leafy greens, vegetables and other sources in an amount that's more than enough.
    • Our food eats a high carb diet, cattle, pigs, chickens all convert those carbs into fatty foods for us to eat. Would you suggest that we should eat grain because a cow eats grain? Lets compare their annatomy to ours and see just how flawed that thought is. The process needed just to make grain consumable is an indication that it's not at all natural for us to eat it. Fat? Easy and everywhere, nuts, seeds... Just bite a pigs ass and you've got what you need to live.
  10. What about transfats!?
    • Transfats are what happened when carb industries tried to get in on the fat industry by prosessing their plants with high heat to make fats. And guess what, pigs ass is easier and better for you again, than it is to process the food of our food.
  11. Why does it take so long and make you feel so bad to get adjusted to the keto diet?
    • Again, man made refined white powders have been well known for taking a long time and a lot of effort to rehabilitate from. Rehab clinics remove the access to heroin and it takes time for your body to adjust and you'll feel far worse for a while before you'll feel good again. Same thing with refined carbohydrates, no different at all. Heroin doesn't kill you all at once either but it's been made illegal. And in fact death by the side effects of a carb inclusive diet is the #1 cause of all premature deaths in the world. But it's a legal industry with many benefiting from its profitable healthcare side industries so we ignore it.
  12. Why is there so much resistance to this scientific discovery?
    • Take a look at the long list of people who are employed in the refined white manmade powerder distribution industry. Just like telling an Albertan that oil is bad for the environment, we are surrounded by people who don't want to have to change their chosen life path, and choose denial instead of thinking for themselves and admitting they are part of the problem and not a part of the solution.
    • Not every member of these fields blatantly and knowingly participates in the spread of misinformation! But they have all bought into (and therefore have a vested interest in) a field that is sustained by perpetuating this misinformation. Very few people in this category are likely to listen to anything about this with an open mind and will immediately shut down as everything they see here is presented to them in undisputable facts. They will likely cling to dogma, wivestales and other non factual stories and deny that anything here is in anyway true. I challenge any of those in this category of people to prove me wrong on this point. Many documentaries have shown how every source of data in support of a carb inclusive diets has been scientificly shown and proven to be false and almost always rigged to show the desired results ignoring all factors that would show carbs as a problem.
      • Doctors: Make money from seeing people regularly NOT from fixing peoples ailments so they never have to come back.
      • Bakeries: Nearly 100% of all they produce would have to be removed from shelves and what isn't would have to be dramatically changed.
      • Gyms and Fitness industry as a whole: Profit only from a continuous effort to maintain a low body weight.
      • Big tech: Apps and devices geared toward losing weight and improving health make a huge portion of profit for big tech companies.
      • Big Pharma: How much profit do they make from insulin sales alone? Never mind all the unneccisary medications sold due to the side effects of inflmation caused by carb inclusive diets.
      • Healthcare: Inflamation caused ailments are the biggest cost on our healthcare systems but what about all the jobs that would be lost if people got healthy?
      • Foodservices: Most restorants and fast food chains would have a huge undertaking to adapt and change, not just to make keto foods, but to do so as easily and profitably as they can with the carb craving cycle.
      • The list goes on, you can see that a huge percentage of the population has invested in ignoring what is clearly true and obvious to all those who are not in denial. Pushing carbs makes money just like pushing crack.
  13. Why should I believe anything I read here?
    • First, because I don't give a shit if you die a sick miserable fool in denial... But I do feel it'd be unethical to keep what I know a secret and it pisses me off to see just how many TRILLIONS of dollars in profit is being made by making people sick like me with diabetes, cancer, depression, and just about every other condition you can think of. And no one will stand up and hold them accountable? What kind of a lawsuit could be made against every one of these giant billion dollar companies for actually condoning and encouraging the consumption of toxic amounts of an otherwise accptable nutrient? If it were proven that any one of them knew carbohydrates contributed to the healthcare epedemic we have today, they could be held responsible. So that secret, backed by TRILLIONS of dollars is what pisses me off and why I feel like everyone should know what these rich asses have done to them.
    • These facts have been compiled from the perspective of a Diabetic who has only his health and lifespan at stake.
    • I was among the worst of these people who was stuck not caring and in denial until I had no choice because of diabetes. That's when my choice was slowy reduced to 1) Keep pumping insulin into my system to make eating toxic levels of carbohydrates sustainable until I inevitably die premature in a miserable state. Or 2) figure out what other options I have because the doctors entrusted to take care of my health and who take an oath to "do no harm" only care about option 1... Which oddly enough is "Keep consuming the man made refined white powder".
    • I will never profit a penny from any of these accumulated facts, nor will I benefit in any way if masses of people start following a ketogentic diet. In fact I'd be happy to let everyone keep eating carbs so my food costs don't rise and the fact is that the world is incapable of feeding it's current population a keto diet. Overpopulation is a topic of another blog. But ask yourself in every other case, is there a good reason for the responses you get? Few of them deliberately poison the rest of us (But the ones who spent billions of dollars on studies to try and prove fat was the cause of our health problems have crossed that line.) but consider these: Does the doctor make money from fixing your illness or does he make money the more you have to see him? Does the farmer make more money with less effort off selling corn over beans and kale? Does the baker get to make any money without using flour? Everyone has some sort of stake in carbs. Not unlike the dealers on the street corner. Just because they've all convinced themselves what they do is ok and just because the big companies and governments have told them it's ok doesn't make it true. Money and turning a blind eye has made it true. (But it's not) Or that's why people think it's true... (But it's really not...)

Other Notes:
  1. Vegans are not the enemy!
    • They just don't want to hurt animals and don't understand that plant life depends on the life and death of animals. I think the industry behind foods on a keto diet can definitely take the concerns of animal wellfare into considation and be better for everyone even if it's still not vegan. The vegans diet was suplemented by animal product fertilizer whether they want to admit it or not.